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ABOUT THE COLLAGEN COMPANY (TCC)Discover Your Beauty Within. Made with love in Italy.

The Collagen Company® is a unique concept combining Italian craftsmanship and design with international R&D from the UK. We focus on one unique ingredient – collagen. We are experts in this field and have spent thousands of hours on scientifically researching and analysing this impressive, vital and yet to be fully understood component of our body.

Our focus and area of research has led to the creation of a unique company focused on the most bioavailable forms of collagen – The Collagen Company®. Our difference lies within our focus and dedication to improve people’s lives through the use of an amazing ingredient (collagen) in as many forms as possible.

The mission of The Collagen Company® is to enable supplementation with highly absorbable forms of collagen to improve skin, bone and joint health and slow down the ageing process.

The Collagen Company® uses only selected and clinically tested ingredients from leading manufacturers. We work with Verisol®, the world leader in collagen production, to produce the world’s most innovative and advanced collagen products for both men and women.

All products by The Collagen Company are safe and recommended to women and men aged 24+

The Collagen Company Values


We spend thousands of hours researching collagen to understand its complex properties and create exceptional products. We test, analyse and research formulations in order to consistently achieve the perfect balance between efficacy and safety.


We believe that beauty comes from within. It is the result of proper nutrition, appropriate supplementation and physical activity. That is what our products are all about – they take care of you comprehensively, improve your mental and physical fitness, and ensure beautiful skin, thick hair, strong nails and healthy joints.


The Collagen Company® is a scientific approach to daily supplementation. We are pioneers in the science-backed approach. We use ingredients that are supported by clinical studies and scientific research. We believe that this is the only way we can deliver world-class solutions.

Only Natural Ingredients

The Collagen Company® uses only natural ingredients to ensure the best quality, great taste and a beneficial effect on your health and overall well-being.


We use only natural sweeteners – xylitol, erythritol and stevia. They are a healthy and safe alternative to sugar, while still allowing you to enjoy the fantastic taste of our products.


At The Collagen Company®, we are proud to manufacture in Italy, the beauty, beauty and manufacturing capital of the world. Our products give you strength, energy for life and a beautiful appearance. Live life to the fullest, live the life you want. Live for the moment. La Dolce Vita.
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1. In Science we Trust.

The Collagen Company is focused on scientific research of collagen. Our team consist of international experts in R&D, extraction and production methods of collagen.
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2. Low-Carb, Natural and Sugar-Free.

We believe that healthy products can’t use sugars, as it’s one of the worst ingredient developed by humans. First rule of medicine: nie szkodzić pacjentowi. 
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3. No preservatives and Flavour Enhancers.

Our products are natural and taste amazing. Try and fall in love without any guilt.
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4. Holistic Health Approach.

It is possible to live in full health up to 100 years. Our aim is to support this goal. We believe that beauty, supplementation and physical activity should be mixed together, to be Stronger on the Inside and Beautiful on the Outside.
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5. La Dolce Vita.

The Italian way of Life. Slow down, embrace life, live beautifully and to the fullest. Remember, Discover Your Inner Beauty. 


Our line of easily absorbable Marine Collagen Shots has extremely high concentration of fish-derived collagen.
The Collagen Company Gold Edition

Liquid Marine Collagen x PURE BIOTIN

Contains 5000 mg of pure marine collagen with an addition of Vitamin B7 (100% RI of Biotin) and Vitamins A+E is a true youth elixir.
The Collagen Company Platinum Edition


Brings even more beauty to the table. With the use of small particle hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C in addition to 5000 mg of pure marine collagen it really reduces wrinkles and makes the skin shiny and refereshed.
The Collagen Company Black Edition

Pure Liquid Marine Collagen x 10 000µg

Contains 10 000 mg of collagen per 30 ml bottle, making it one of the highest-concentrated marine collagen products in the world.

10 000 mg Pure Marine Collagen Black Edition is used to improve sports’ performance and is used by endurance athletes all over the World. 
The Collagen Company Marine Collagen Gummies About Us


The highest possible concentration – 300 mg of collagen per gummy.

Marine collagen gummies contain no carbohydrates or gelatine, making them ideal for any diet. They provide valuable active ingredients in a delicious form.

Uniqueness, Effectiveness and Perfectionism

Why should The Collagen Company® products become your beauty best friends?

They increase the elasticity of connective tissue, strengthen bones and joints and reduce wrinkles from within. Collagen Shots from TCC are an extremely powerful anti-aging solution. Daily supplementation of TCC’s Collagen will make you beautiful in and out.

TCC’s uniquely formulated Collagen supports the DNA formation process. It provides the best source of Marine Collagen (fish derived)

What does it mean that The Collagen Company® is backed by science?

Clinical trials conducted by independent lab in London, UK proved that TCC’s Marine Collagen reduces signs of skin ageing, improving its elasticity and preventing hair loss (when compared to the placebo effect).

Our Marine Collagen strengthens hair, skin and nails and visibly reduces signs of aging. Daily use of TCCs Collagen provides ideal support for a healthy, fresh and beautiful appearance. Stronger on the Inside, Beautiful on the Outside.

Who should use The Collagen Company’s products?

They’re dedicated to women and men over 24 years of age. Scientifically formulated Liquid Marine Collagen is easily absorbed and penetrates inside your skin, giving it a radiating glow. The Collagen Company works hard to support your skin, hair and nails, as well as all other connective tissues. Maintaining proper collagen levels in your body is essential to keeping you young, strong and vigorous!

Our Pure Marine Collagen is proven to help in maintaining the integrity of your cartilage, a rubber like tissue that protects your joints. It is clinically proven to reduce the risk of bone disorders, such as osteoporosis.

From boosting your brain power to nurturing your hair skin, nails and joints.

Products containing Hyaluronic Acid and Biotin are extensively used with aesthetics medicine treatment – before and after, to support both recovery processes, as well as prolongate effects.

Black Edition, Pure 10 000 mg Marine Collagen is dedicated for people over 35+ to strongly increase their collagen levels, as well as people physically active over 25+ to support their performance, strengthen joints and bones and promote muscle growth.