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Frequently asked question


Where does The Collagen Company® come from?

The Collagen Company® is a unique concept combining Italian craftsmanship and design with international research and development from the UK.

Where does TCC production take place?

The production of TCC takes place in Italy at one of the top collagen product manufacturers.

Among others, we work with Verisol®, the world leader in collagen production, to produce the most innovative and advanced collagen products in the world.

Why did the company focus on Collagen?

We focused on collagen because we know how important its regular supplementation is.

We want to make you aware and provide you with the best quality, only selected and clinically tested ingredients to enjoy beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Our products give you strength, energy for life and a beautiful appearance.

Does the company have an R&D department?

We spend thousands of hours researching collagen to understand its complex properties and create exceptional products. We test, analyse and research formulations in order to consistently achieve the perfect balance between efficacy and safety.


Can I drink more than one shot a day?

We recommend sticking to the recommendations on our labels, which is one shot per day.

However, it is worth noting that collagen is an all-natural substance for the human body, so even if you consume higher than recommended doses of a collagen supplement several times over, there is little risk of overdosing on this protein. Side effects from an overdose are also usually non-existent.

Can I combine products with each other?

The products of The Collagen Company® can be used together to enhance the effects.

Why the liquid form of collagen?

The liquid form is the fastest and best absorbed form of collagen. Supplemented regularly, it has a preventative effect on those aged 25 and over, and for those who have reached 55-60 years of age, it can help maintain collagen levels in the body for longer.

It is also a quick and very simple form of supplementation. You can pack a small bottle of collagen in your handbag and take it to work, the gym or on the go.

For whom are TCC products intended?

Supplementation with the products of The Collagen Company® is dedicated to women and men over 24 years of age. Regular dosage guarantees delayed skin ageing, takes care of hair and nails.

LIQUID MARINE COLLAGEN X POWER HYALURONIC can additionally be used before and after invasive surgical and cosmetic procedures.

PURE LIQUID MARINE COLLAGEN X 10 000ΜG is recommended for physically active people and people over 40 years of age.

LIQUID MARINE COLLAGEN X PURE BIOTIN is perfect for people who want to take care of themselves in a natural and comprehensive way.


Yes, with a healthy pregnancy you can supplement with TCC products. However, for your safety, we recommend that you consult your doctor for supplementation of any of our products.


We recommend storing TCC supplements in a cool and dark place.


Who can become a distributor?

Tell us what you do, why and where you want to sell TCC products and we will get back to you with feedback.

Being an official TCC distributor will bring you numerous benefits and advantages, and ensure that you offer the best collagen products on the market.

Write to us → [email protected] and find out more.

Does country exclusivity apply?

No, country exclusivity does not apply.

In which countries are the products available?

TCC products are currently available in Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK and Poland. We are constantly expanding and will soon be available in more markets.

What are the terms of cooperation?

If you are interested in wholesaling TCC or would like to cooperate with us, please email us → [email protected]

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and individually establish the terms of cooperation.