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We invite you to meet the doctors and cosmetologists who enable The Collagen Company to set new standards in health and beauty care,
offering products that are the essence of the latest scientific discoveries and the secret to natural beauty.
TheCollagenCompany Ekspert Ola Michalak

Ola MichalakCertified Aesthetic Medicine Doctor

I am a graduate of the Military Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Łódź. I also completed Postgraduate Studies in “Aesthetic Medicine for Doctors” at the Medical University of Warsaw, obtaining the title of a certified Aesthetic Medicine Doctor. I currently work at the Clinic of Ophthalmology and Vision Rehabilitation, where I am undergoing specialty training.

Aesthetic medicine is my passion, which is why I continuously participate in numerous trainings, conferences, and international congresses. This allows me to keep up with the latest trends and acquire additional knowledge in the rapidly evolving field of aesthetic medicine.

I am an advocate of subtle and proportional enhancements to improve a patient’s appearance and, consequently, their well-being. The greatest motivation for my further work and learning is the satisfaction of my patients.
TheCollagenCompany Ekspert Olga Bobowska Guglas

Olga Bobowska-GuglasSpecialist in Dermatology and Venereology and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor

In her daily practice, she combines knowledge from the fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine to effectively and safely counteract aging processes and offer patients personalized therapies.

She constantly expands her knowledge and skills at many prestigious congresses and trainings in Poland and abroad, including the Lips Masterclass with Julie Horne in Switzerland and the Cadaver Masterclass in Milan. She is a speaker and lecturer at leading Polish congresses on aesthetic medicine and dermatology, such as SLDE, Off Label Experts, PTMEiAA, and IADE.

Currently, she is a trainer for IBSA Derma, conducting training, lectures, and practical workshops for doctors, including techniques for sculpting the face with hyaluronic acid, skin bioremodeling, and innovative lip modeling protocols. She also collaborates with the Center for Education in Anti-Aging Medicine in Warsaw at the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists at SLDE, where she conducts practical sessions with students of this prestigious institution.

She also appears as a lecturer/speaker at leading Polish congresses on aesthetic medicine and dermatology such as SLDE, IADE, Off Label, and the PTMEiAA congress. She is the author of scientific publications and a winner of the Hippocrates 2022 and 2023 awards in the Dermatologist of the Year category.

A particular aspect of her work is educational activity – she has many years of training experience as a trainer in techniques for facial modeling with hyaluronic acid, skin biostimulation, and treatment with botulinum toxin.
TheCollagenCompany Ekspert Barbara Dudka Zyrek

Barbara Dudka-ŻyrekAesthetic Medicine Doctor, Radiologist

„In my work, I combine beauty with aesthetics and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.”

I am a graduate of the Silesian Medical Academy, where I received my medical degree in 1996. I specialized in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, a field I have continuously been involved in.

In 2010, I started postgraduate studies in aesthetic medicine in Krakow, followed by further studies in Katowice. In the meantime, I have completed many courses and trainings that introduced me to the intricacies of aesthetic treatments. Taking care of health and maintaining an active lifestyle have always been my passions.

In my work, I am guided by a strong sense of aesthetics, combining laser therapeutic treatments with puncturing procedures. Additionally, I have developed a line of three “Basic Care” creams for my patients. In my clinic, I have modern equipment, and together with my cosmetologist, we continuously develop and perfect our skills. Development and education are my life mottos.
TheCollagenCompany Ekspert Anna Garczarek

Anna GarczarekGraduate of the Higher School of Health in Cosmetology

I have been working as a cosmetologist for 18 years, since 2012 with my own practice in the heart of the old town of Gdańsk.

Over many years of work, both in Poland and abroad, I am guided not by fashion, but by subtly emphasizing beauty and caring for the skin so that my clients can enjoy a healthy and radiant appearance.

Our beauty is a combination of a beautiful soul, a healthy body, and well-cared-for skin.
TheCollagenCompany Ekspert Justyna Korc

Justyna KorcGraduated Cosmetologist

I am a graduate of the Higher Vocational School of Cosmetics and Health Care in Warsaw. I constantly expand my knowledge and skills. I regularly participate in training sessions and congresses on health and regenerative cosmetology.

I run the Gloss Concept salon in the heart of Warsaw. In my work, I combine knowledge, experience, passion, and a desire to help women so that each of us can feel good in our own skin. I will help you take care of yourself and love your skin. With appropriately chosen treatments and care, you will not only solve your problem but also improve your relationship with yourself.

I am convinced that each of our skins is unique and one of a kind. To take good care of it, it is necessary to diagnose the problems it faces and what kind of care it needs. It is always important to remember to tailor treatments to individual needs, the same applies to skin treatments.

I specialize in therapies that slow down the aging process of the skin, reduce discoloration, and perform laser treatments.